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PC solutions, servers, rackable storage, towers, laptops... Accesories...



Ruggedized solutions with half 19'' standard.

Routers / ethernet switches / video / servers / power supplies...


Ruggedized displays expert: monitors and panel PCs - from 6.5" to 30".

Markets : Maritime, Defence, Medical, Transportation, Industries & Broadcast.

general standards_coporation


High performances acquisition cards: Analog, Digital & Serial I/O, PMC PCI, PC104+, VME and cPCI cards.



COTS products manufacturer for naval tactical datalinks, NTDS analyzers, NTDS / ATDS cards - PMC, PCI, cPCI, PC104, VME forms.



Peripheral products manufacturer dedicated to harsh environments: resistant to dust, water and chemicals monitors, keyboards, mice. Products sealed and approved according to NEMA standards.



Information processing and signal processing solutions from: single and multi PowerPC boards, Core2duo and Core i7 boards, PMC interface cards (serial, MIL-STD1553, Hotlink2, digital, multifunction).

High performance embedded computers.



DESAPRO offers engineering solutions in transportation field.

sfo technologies


SFO Technologies offers solutions for various markets: healthcare, communication, industry and transportation. The scopes of intervention are: manufacturing services, products & technologies, software engineering & systems integration.



PMC solutions manufacturer including: Async serial links / Digital I/O Storage interface such as SATA or SAS / Bus-to-bus interface Network (e.g. Ethernet PMCs) / Memory.



EIZO Rugged Solutions develops and manufactures XMC, 3U VPX, and PCIe form factor electronic hardware products with capabilities such as multi-format display and raw video capture, processing, encode/decode, streaming, and recording. Using industry-leading GPU technology from NVIDIA and AMD, EIZO’s products support advanced GPGPU computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, data archiving and multi-format conversion.

Ruggedized and varnished cards available.



Embedded I/O boards IP modules manufacturer - PMC, PCI, cPCI, VME and AMC cards, ranges of Industrial temperatures cards - ruggedized - Conduction cooled. Micro TCA solutions.

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GACI sells Radio Frequency acquisition and processing solutions designed by SAFRAN.





This pioneer in electronic infrastructures offers a wide range of products and applications meeting national and international standards (IEC 60297-3-x and IEEE 1101.x).

Industrial and commercial enclosures & accessories. Electronic cabinets. Systems, backplanes and power supplies. Subracks, cases and front panels.

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