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ATR chassis, screens, backplanes, conduction cooled enclosure for specific or military environment



COTS Boards and systems qualified for Military, Aerospace or Space environment. Cerifiable solutions.



PC Solutions, server, storage solutions, in rackable Rackable, tour, laptop enclosures…



Solutions hardened to the standard a half 19 "
Router / ethernet Switch / video / servers / power supplies...


Markets : Maritime, Defence, Medical, Transportation, Industries & Broadcast

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High performances acquisition boards: Analog, Digital & Serial I/O Cartes PMC, PCI, PC104+, VME et cPCI



Manufacturer of COTS products for Naval Tactical datalinks Analysers NTDS Cartes NTDS / ATDS – Formats PMC, PCI, cPCI, PC104, VME

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Industrial and commercial enclosures & accessories. Electronic cabinets. Systems, backplanes and power supplies. Subracks, cases and front panels.



Manufacturer of peripherals for severe environment: Screen Keyboards Mouse, Water/DustChemical product proof. Sealed and NEMA approuved products



Solution for signal and data processing using : Single or Dual PowerPC boards, Core2Duo and Core i7 boards, on VME, VPX, cPCI. ComExpress and small form factor solution. ARM processors


DESAPRO provides engineered transit case solutions.

sfo technologies

SFO provides solutions to markets as diverse as Healthcare, Communication, Industrial and Transport. The areas of operation cover : Manufacturing Services, Products & Technologies, Engineering & Software, Systems Integration



PMC Manufacturer: Serial links Synch/Asynch, descrete I/Os, SATA/SAS storage solutions, memory

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Manufacturer of PMC and PCIe solutions including: GPGPU Acquisition and video compression,...
Hardened and varnished cards available



I/O embedded boards manufacturer:  IP Modules - PMC, PCI, cPCI boards, VME and AMC standard, extended and conduction cooled ranges. Micro TCA Solutions



GACI integrates and market RF acquisition and processing boards of ZODIAC DATA SYSTEMS

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