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domaine naval

More than 130 embedded computers onboard different surface ships or submarines make GACI THE specialist of shipborne computer. Our mastering of the environmental conditions is demonstrated by the proven high reliability of our delivered computers.

Gateway computer for combat systems based on CAMELEON standard GACI architecture. This IP54 or higher CAMELON computers from GACI's product range are interfacing combat and mission central computer with equipment, sensors and subsystems onboard the ship. They are open to various interfaces to adapt the central computer with different generation of on-board equipement and perform its mission.

• Technologies choices of the dedicated interfaces
• Low level and application software design
• Qualifications
• Technical Documentation
• Industrialization

In use gateway computers.

• Technology choices for the architecture and perennity of the system
• Evolution and correction support for obsolete software and hardware
• Low level and application software porting
• Configuration files
• Technical Documentation
• Industrialization of evolution kits

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